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The overall theatrical gesture and the beautiful direction of the actors give this show real power.


  Opera Online

The journey to the moon

“The scenography concentrates all the inventiveness of Olivier Fredj's show - the phantasmagoria of the costumes makes one think of Bosch here and there, ideal patronage for the spirit of the work, revisited in a more contemporary way. "

All the culture


The staging of Olivier Fredj, planned  for video capture  is a model of its kind: it is traditional without being didascalic, it is modern without being abrasive and in this large empty stage it concentrates on the direction of actors in an elegant device.


Opera Forum

Olivier Fredj was credited as the director of a mise-en-espace, but what Fredj gave us was so much more than that.  This was a fully lived in staging, using some minimal props and the full depth and width of the stage to create an evening of exciting theater.  

Opera Traveler

Der Freischütz

★★★★ ☆

"The gnarly weirdness of the Wolf's Glen scene was well done, and the soaring Magic Flutesque finale was blissful."

  The Guardian

Il Re Pastore

  Olivier Fredj's response is incredible.  Everything helps to illustrate and clarify the text.  There are so many successful and just awesome examples.

Classic News

"Le Voyage dans la Lune” d’Offenbach, une féerie en orbite en France jusqu’en 2023" - Telerama


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