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Love box
Benjamin hertz




Staging, lights,

set and costumes

With :  




Benjamin HERTZ



Olivier FREDJ





Ensemble 2e2m

Statement of intent

To make a good love box for 4 people (two actors and two singers):


Ingredients :


- a pond in a remote countryside

- two lovers, promised to each other, because it takes a lot

- an exile, who left who knows where, in search of a lost childhood and an illusory innocence

- a chameleon traveler, a bit like this and that (and like that suits him too)

- amazing music, strange sounds

- words. In order and out of order

- anything and everything


More or less anywhere, choose carefully, a bit of everything and anything,  in short, enough to make a Love Box.


Do your best to find a pond, and delicately place buried desires and strange urges at the bottom of the pond. And two or three frogs too which will be used later.

A bed will do the trick, because it is the place of the couple, the place where we also dream, the place of fantasies and pleasure.


Under the sheets, gently slip the promised lovers, say a tenor and an actress.

Sprinkle this boiling couple with the raging pepper of a good mouth of exile and when everything is quivering, sprinkle the vocal gaps of a hysterical, seductive viola, arrived from here and there and from everywhere.


Everything will stir by itself to the rhythm of music and vaudeville and will bring to the surface and emerge what is sleeping at the bottom of the pond.


Your Love Box then begins to take the color of a love box. It is now a comedy, of which it will be necessary to watch the unpredictable cooking: surprises, twists and turns rather improbable.


Add at the last moment two frogs that live at the bottom of the pond.

Two old frogs who have seen it all go by and who are not.  Put these frogs with other spectators and watch, invent as you go and season to taste.


Your Love Box shakes its box more and more, the links that unite the characters twist, strain, relax in all directions and at all speeds.


Finally, arrange the words whose meaning goes beyond meaning.

You lose control. Likelihood. Realism. It does not make sense. It's funny. This is the boxon. 


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