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Jacques or submission
follow-up to The future is in the eggs
Studio  Theater 
Eugène Ionesco / Hervé Van der Meulen

"A boulevard theater breaking down and going mad. Jacques is first and foremost a family drama, or a parody of a family drama. It could be a moral play. The language of the characters as well as their attitude are noble and distinguished . Only this language is breaking up, decomposing. I wanted this "naturalistic" comedy to be played to free myself from it in a way. " E. Ionesco

Staging                   HERVE VAN DER MEULEN

Collaboration                    OLIVIER FREDJ

Backdrops                        BERNARD LEGOUX


Costumes                      THOMAZ LEGOUES

Lights                        BENOIT LAURENT   


Jacques ou la soumission

Jacques ou la soumission

Jacques ou la soumission
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jacques ou la soumission

jacques ou la soumission

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