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Hurry -  Bel Canto (streaming)


Director Oliver Fredj offers a staging concept that is both virus-proof, refined and

moving. The staging plays with the term "favorite": two girls (aged 11 and 13) enter the theater and each witness their favorite opera as the only spectator in the hall. We sympathize with their look, their fantasy and their emotions and drawing books and video images are used. The girls disarmingly tell us the story of each opera.




Planned for the staging of Bastarda !, it was necessary to find a job for Olivier Fredj who imagined the addition of a young girl (the young Nehir Nasret, who speaks English), omnipresent throughout the show. It is through her eyes that we discover the singers and musicians, it is she who replaces the recitatives and cut arias by explaining the story (or even commenting on it), and she even directly interacts with the characters. through small videos that serve as a transition between the main scenes.



More cinematographic, the opera-concert hybridizes with the possibility of slipping in new images, closer to the performers, more narrative and more interpretative. Here, the opus begins and draws on a little red thread that is that of Nehir Hasret who lends his game to that of a key witness. The only audience for this entire production, the young actress takes the time to tell the narrative issues of each musical extract and skillfully make the link with the "viewers". The work reduced to its essential arias is then modified, however the musical direction succeeds in directing the vocal and instrumental soloists (who answer each other in their eloquent precision), but also and at a distance the choirs, in order to limit contacts: a musical osmosis despite all the distances and barriers that keep them at a distance, between themselves and with their audience.



In order to soften the rigors of the concert version, Olivier Fredj, the director, introduced two young girls, unique spectators of stories that would otherwise be played in front of an empty room.


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