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PadBraPad Moujika
Gypsy epic

Design, layout and lighting               OLIVIER FREDJ

A "moujikale comedy"


In a distant village and in the most remote times, while the five moons leaned over them, the impossible love of Raymonde Meubaz (butcher rue de la motte auxufs) and Adolf Moujika (grocer 24/24 on the l The Vacherie area of the A12 motorway) saw the birth of a child. In the pain of childbirth, five cries were heard and a body appeared: Pad Brapad Moujika was born. And Pad Brapad was playing.

Machine-animal, Pad Brapad tries in vain to communicate with us in a forgotten idiom. A ferocious beast in which five artichoke hearts beat, Pad Brapad plays with his hands but expresses himself with his feet. He plays. All the time. All over. And in all circumstances. Against all odds and even on the Ile de Ré, Pad Brapad plays. On the oil of Erika, encouraging Ivan the terrible or to piss off Madame Paluchin her concierge… Pad Brapad is still playing. It is said to be happening today. Here. To "Nulepar". But in Nulepar, an inhabitant still lives: La Vieille Conne ...

Born from the music itself, this “moujikale comedy” is childish but a little perverse, playful but creaky, festive and melancholy.

With Julie Jacovella in the role of the "Old Conne".


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