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In The Alps, Richard Ayres

Alpensymphonie, Richard Strauss

Digital collage, Jean Lecointre

"At the beginning God created ... The Alps"

(R. Ayres - In the Alps)


The desire to create this Alpine Epic and to turn it into a multidisciplinary creation laboratory was born from the discovery of Richard Ayres' play, In the Alps.  


In the Alps is an "illustrated concert  », An Alpine melodrama accessible to  all audiences, which begins with the creation of the world (then the Alps), and which tells us about the passionate love of a young survivor of a plane crash and of Bobli, a mute young man who expresses his love for the bottom of the valley playing the trumpet.  


Richard Ayres plays with all musical references and with this piece creates a contemporary work accessible to all ears. He tackles with humor both questions of difference and the myth of the wild child, the perception of time, art or nature.  


The play, written like a fairy tale, will be told in voiceover and projected intertitles, finally accompanied by sets and video illustrations. An actor-dancer will interpret the character of Time.


To precede this adventure by four movements of the Alpine Symphony of Richard Strauss (alternating the live and the diffusion) will allow to develop all that in the Alps reveals to us the human in what it has most essential and most laughable. , the fragility of Man and his finitude.


Between each act, an interlude analyzes the perception of musical time by different animals. He imagines how the whale, then the fly and finally a bacterium can perceive music. Richard Ayres thus questions with irony our own perception of music, of art, and above all of time.  


We want to create this show to offer us this research time, a laboratory. Use and exhaust the Alps, to hear everything this place tells us about time and about Man. And laugh about it.  


Through staging, drawing, dance and music, we will illustrate the romantic lyricism of Richard Strauss's Alpine Symphony and the absurd poetry of The Alps by Richard Ayres to invite spectators, for a while. concert, to discover an incredible adventure by wondering with a smile.  


Above all, we want to offer this  To  all audiences, open access to the concert, to  the orchestra  to music and song by presenting an illustrated concert  and staged.  

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