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Geneva Competition e-workshop
ProMusica - September 2020

Concours international de Genève
Animateur Web

Working face to face, a dozen new laureates from the 2019 Geneva competition and a few students from the solist Master Class of the HEM in Geneva. The Covid19 pandemic  prevented this meeting from taking place, even though it had been put off till September. The Geneva competition jury decided to innovate and suggested a Workshop on line from September 29th to November 1st 2020.

The contents of this e-Workshop was adapted to present circumstances and conditions; while maintaining its aims and values of the original version, it will concentrate on intensive and personal coaching on how to manage one’s career and will put special stress on the Internet and the audiovisual.

This alternative experience created for the participants will last a month and will include personal assessments, group programmes, individual interviews and autonomous work time. Many professional experts will take part in the workshop and the participants will find ressources at their disposal through an internet platform, created specially for this purpose. On the last day, the participants will be able to share their experiences and present their work. This final meeting will reinforce the idea of group work even though the e-workshop will be mainly run from a distance.

The participants must produce two personal projects, both separate and complementary ; their aim is to answer the main questions young musicians who are just starting out ask themselves and thus follow purpose of the workshop of the laureates of the Geneva ecompetition since it was created in 2017 :  how to manage one’s career and make a video capsule.

The Workshop is run by the Concours de Genève and its delegate producer, L’Agence de Concours,ProMusica. They both offer the participants renowned professional competence (artistic agencies, financial management, production, public relations, etc..) and many years of experience in organising events.


Presentation                 OLIVIER FREDJ

Production                    PROMUSICA

The 2020 edition of the Laureates Workshop was to welcome at the beginning of May, in face-to-face form, around ten recent laureates of the Geneva Competition (2019 edition) and a few students in the soloist master class of the HEM Geneva. The health crisis linked to Covid-19 did not allow this meeting, even after it was moved in September. The Geneva Competition has therefore decided to innovate and offer an e-Workshop, which will take place online from September 29 to November 1, 2020.

The content of this e-Workshop has been adapted to the circumstances and the conditions of realization, while maintaining the objectives and values of the original version. It will give priority to intense and personalized coaching in career management and will also focus particularly on digital and audiovisual.

The alternative experience offered to participants will be spread over more than a month and will be punctuated by personal reports, collective programs, individual interviews and working time in autonomy. Many professional-experts will intervene and resources will be made available to participants through a digital platform, specially created for this purpose. The participants' journey will culminate in a day (in principle face-to-face) during which they will share their experiences and present their work. It is this meeting of paths that will strengthen the collective even though the e-Workshop will be, for the most part, managed remotely.

The participants in the e-Workshop will have for mission the realization of two personal projects, distinct and complementary, which aim to answer the main questions of young musicians at the beginning of their career and to be in line with the objectives set for the workshop of the winners of the Geneva Competition, since its creation in 2017: work on career management and the production of a video capsule.

The e-Workshop is managed by the Geneva Competition and its executive producer, the ProMusica concert agency. Together, the two entities provide participants with recognized professional skills (artistic agency, financial management, production, communication, public relations, etc.) and several years of experience in the organization of events.

For the occasion, the team will be reinforced by a multimedia specialist, a presenter-journalist and a technical manager. These personalities form the reference team which will be responsible for the organization and animation of the e-Workshop.

This 4th edition of the Geneva Competition Laureates Workshop is supported by Art Mentor Foundation (Lucerne, Switzerland).


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