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Why did I eat my father
Châtelet Theater
May 18, 2013
Roy Lewis



Académie de ParisPourquoi j’ai mangé mon père

NouvelObs, « Pourquoi j’ai mangé mon père » : un opéra bouffe gratuit !

This is a musical comedy created in three acts, taken from The Evolution Man (Pourquoi j’ai mangé mon père) by Roy Lewis, in association with the Académie de Paris, the Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP) and the regional Conservatoire of Paris (CRR), from an idea of Jean-Luc Choplin, Director of the Théâtre du Châtelet.

Music |  Esteban Pinto-Gondim (act I)

           Lucas Henry (II)

           Nicolas Worms (III)

Booklet | Geraldine Keiflin

Musical direction | Xavier Delette  

Staging | Jean-Philippe Delavault  

Choreography | Carl Portal

His | Cyril Auclair  

Lights | Bernard Maby

Assistant director | Olivier Fredj

Singing leader | Alain Muller

Choir director | Jalila bennani

Scenery assistant | Filipino Ordinary

Surtitles | Sylvie Durastanti

Launch of surtitles | Lydie Pravikoff

Romain Dayez - Edouard, the father
Igor Bouin - Ernest
Elsa Dreisig - Griselda
Claire Peron - Viviane, the mother
Fabien Hyon - Uncle Vanya
Grégoire Mourichoux - Uncle Ian
Louise Leblanc Legendre - Oswald / Pithecantrope 2
Louise Alexis - Pithecantrope 1 and 4
Caroline Godebert - Pithecantrope 3

Youth Orchestra of the Paris CRR
Maîtrise de Paris (39 choristers)
Choir of 150 high school students from the Académie de Paris
10 dancers (Lycée Brassens)

Creation of a musical in three acts based on The Evolution Man (Why I ate my father) by Roy Lewis, in collaboration with the Académie de Paris, the Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP) and the Conservatoire with regional influence of Paris (CRR).

An idea from Jean-Luc Choplin, general manager of the Théâtre du Châtelet.


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