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Châtelet Theater  -   February 2015

WA Mozart

libretto: Metastasio - 1775

Conductor                                JEAN-CHRISTOPHE SPINOSI

Director                                  OLIVIER FREDJ   


Set and Costume design                    NICOLAS BUFFE

Lighting                                   RENAUD CORLER


Electronic sound effect                       ANTOINE SOUSHAV






Alexander                                 RAINER TROST 

Aminta                                    SORAYA MAFI

Elisa                                      RAQUEL CAMARINHA 

Tamiri                                     MARIE-SOPHIE POLLACK

Agenore                                   KRYSTIAN ADAM


Matheus set

"  Serenata  : Night time  disturbance  "(Definition by Boisrobert 1646)

Creating a game

We wish to set the encounter of three different worlds  :

Mythological  symbolism of Alexander the Great's  Macedonia  : using the images of the great myths to render visually the universality of the quest of  happiness and the philosophies  developed in the piece. 

The Baroc liveliness of young  Mozart  : using the music as the emotional  medium but also referring visually to grotesque and baroque arts in paintings and architecture.  

Video Games, mangas and futurism of our   generation  : using robots, super powers, cartoon and manga's elements or video game landscapes as influences for costumes, set, and lighting.

Three different codifications, seen with our thirty year old eyes,  raised with Transformers, Mario Bros,  Space Invaders or Bioman.

At stakes are the quests: of power,   of Love.  One must choose a path, fulfill a mission, join the princess: universal ambitions, collective and individual of all times. 

We aim at rendering on a stage the virtuality of the game, its strong images, its rules, its obstacles and bonuses, to express the surreality and the exemplarity of the characters. And leave to the music the care to express  its humanity.

By using the system of platform games of the years 1980-90s, we shall  exaggerate the reality and render in space the threats and the  obstacles, politically and emotionally. With the ironic and amused eye of a 19 year old Mozart.  

Il Re pastore is a serenata. A "nighttime disturbance  ",  defines Boisrobert.

This is precisely what we aimed at staging, a night time disturbance:  noisy, disturbing some, amusing others, and often creating the  longed for  to join the party. 

Il Re Pastore

Il Re Pastore

Il Re Pastore
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Il re pastore - Bande annonce

Il re pastore - Bande annonce

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Mozart in Space   Il Re Pastore, The Lost Tapes A. Soushav

Mozart in Space Il Re Pastore, The Lost Tapes A. Soushav

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Il re pastore - Olivier Fredj ITW - vidéo Dailymotion

Il re pastore - Olivier Fredj ITW - vidéo Dailymotion

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