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a triptych

Staging project  - Finalist of the Competition - La Monnaie / De Munt - 2015

WA Mozart (1756-1791) K. 87

The project "Mitridate - A Triptych" was created for the staging competition organized by the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie.

It was one of the three finalist projects and presented to the Jury and tested during a staging workshop.  

It has not yet been produced by an Opera house.

Staging                                 OLIVIER FREDJ

Scenography                                  GASPARD PINTA

Costumes                                    CLEMENCE PERNOUD

Lights                                     CAROLINE VANDAMME

Photography                                  SEBASTIEN LEBAN


 "Mitridate - A triptych" was born from the call for projects launched by La Monnaie-De Munt in June 2015.


"There is hardly a name better known than that of Mithridates" Jean Racine.


Reading the first words of Racine's Mithridates prologue instantly demonstrates the distance that separates us from the times when Racine, then Mozart, represented their Mithridates.


There is hardly a name less well known today than that of Mithridates.

Dramaturgical codes such as the writing codes of Mozart's opera, the primacy of the cast and its virtuosity, the type of audience to which the work is addressed, are all distances between Mitridate and us.

For us, it is a question of bridging the distance which separates us from Mitridate, favoring above all like Racine "the pleasure of the reader", or for us that of the spectator.


Transposition into a contemporary universe is often a preferred solution to bring a work closer to an audience. But by apprehending Mitridate, it appeared to us that no displacement of time or action was enough to understand the multiplicity of the tragedy and to highlight its music.


Because Mitridate is an epic and political play, a love tragedy and a personal drama. It is a tragedy with multiple dramas, built in reverse, whose unity is expressed in their resolution in a single event: the death of Mitridate.

We see Mitridate above all as a drama about the end of life, about the loss of military power of course, but also sexual, physical and psychological; the story of his encounter with realities stronger than his desires.


We have chosen to widen the stage frame and represent this multiplicity by a triptych

The complete project in pdf is available on request.



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Mitridate by Olivier Fredj

Mitridate by Olivier Fredj

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