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Il Re Pastore     
Châtelet Theater
  -   February 2015
WA Mozart
libretto: Métastasio - 1775

Musical direction                      


Staging                           OLIVIER FREDJ  

Scenography and Costumes                 


Lights                                 RENAUD CORLER

Electronic recitatives                    ANTOINE SOUCHAV

Alexander                               RAINER TROST 

Aminta                                  SORAYA MAFI

Elisa                                    RAQUEL CAMARINHA 

Tamiri                                   MARIE-SOPHIE POLLACK

Agenore                                 KRYSTIAN ADAM


Matheus set

"Serenata: Nighttime noise" (definition by Boisrobert 1646)

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We want to show the meeting of three worlds:

The mythological symbolism of Alexander the Great's Macedonia: using the imagery of the great myths to visually render the universality of the pursuit of happiness and the philosophies developed in the work.

The baroque vivacity of the young Mozart: through music as an emotional vector but also through references to the grotesque and the baroque both in painting and in architecture.

The universe of video games, manga and futurism of our generation: a multiplicity of robots, superpowers, elements of cartoons or game landscapes, so many influences that will populate the space and the costumes,  transposed into scenic reality.

Three different codifications, seen with our thirtysomething eyes fed to Casimir, the Tranformers, Mario Bros, Space Invaders or Bioman.

It is a question of putting quests into play: of power, of Love. It is a matter of choosing the right path, of fulfilling her mission, of joining the princess: so many universal, collective and individual ambitions of all times.

It is about making concrete the virtuality of the game on a theater set, its strong images but also its systematic rules, its obstacles and its bonuses, to express the surreality and the exemplary nature of the characters. And let the music tell the story of humanity.

By using and mechanizing the imagery and systems of platform games from the 80s and 90s, we will magnify reality and render space, threats and obstacles, both political and emotional. All with the same ironic, amused eye and adolescent ardor as a 19-year-old Mozart.

Il Re pastore is a serenata. A "nocturnal noise",  defines Boisrobert.

This is what we decided to stage, a nocturnal noise: which makes noise, which sometimes disturbs some, which amuses others but above all makes you want to join the party. 

Il Re Pastore

Il Re Pastore

Il Re Pastore
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Il re pastore - Bande annonce

Il re pastore - Bande annonce

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Mozart in Space   Il Re Pastore, The Lost Tapes A. Soushav

Mozart in Space Il Re Pastore, The Lost Tapes A. Soushav

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Il re pastore - Olivier Fredj ITW - vidéo Dailymotion

Il re pastore - Olivier Fredj ITW - vidéo Dailymotion

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